About Us

Attending Crossoads Arts & Science Early Colleges allows students to complete both a high school diploma and Associate's degree in 4-5 years.  All high school courses are honors level and Project Based Learning is incorporated into all classes. Our class sizes and student body are much smaller than traditional schools. 

Crossroads is located on the 3rd floor at Statesville High School.  Students can take elective class such as Art, Band, Chorus, Dance, Piano, Guitar, and JROTC with SHS.  They may also take Career Managment and Business & Finance electives through Crossroads. Students are elligible to particpate in sports and other extra curricular activites at Statesville High School. There are also numerous clubs at Crossroads in which students can participate.

College classes are taken at Mitchell Community College and transportation is provided via shuttle bus. Students will take their first college class freshman year. There are many clubs at Mitchell in which students are elligible to participate. 

Prospective students will apply for admittance in the fall. Ideal students don't have to have straight A's, but need to have a strong work ethic. Students accepted into the program will be notified in late February or early March.  See the attached presentation for more information about the Early College programs in Iredell-Statesville Schools.