All items issued to students become the responsibility of that student.  This includes, but is not limited to, textbooks, sports uniforms, elevator keys, laptops and cords, school calculators, and library books.  If items are not returned to the school when scheduled, the student’s name is placed on a Fees Owed List.  The following are some of the consequences of owing fees:  parking privileges are revoked, diploma will be held, participation in school athletics will not be allowed, and no copies of school records such as transcripts will be supplied when requested.


 Graduation Fee      $40.00
 Parking Fee/Yearly (Paid to SHS)  $50.00
 Parking Fee/House only - Schedule proof required   $10.00
 Technology Fee    $30.00
 Prom  TBA
 Lunch      $3.00
 Breakfast    $1.50
MCC Student Fees*        Varies
Withdrawal from MCC course**  Varies


*  Some Mitchell courses include additional fees that will not be covered by Crossroads Arts & Science Early College.  Students that choose to register in these classes will be responsible for paying the student fee for the course directly to the Crossroads office before the class begins.  If the student does not submit full payment for the student fee, then the student will be dropped from the course during the drop/add window.


** Students who withdraw from MCC after the drop/add period will be responsible for any fees associated with that class including the textbook.