Student Services


All students will participate in advising conferences prior to each registration window.  
Students are required to meet with the high school counselor and college advisor each semester before they can register for any classes.  
Students are responsible for booking an appointment during advising months. 
Advising months are October and April.


Five Year Plan

Students will use their 4-5 year plan to assist in advising sessions with the high school counselor and college liason.  Plans will be created in ACA 111 and updated during House sessions throughout the school year.  The 4-5 year plans will be housed in their digitial student folders.

Sample 5 Year Plan - A.A.Sample 5 Year Plan - A.S.

4 or 4.5 Year Plan

Students can work towards graduating in 4 years or 4.5  years if they meet academic requirements each semester that allow for overloading with more than the recommended full load (four classes for fall and spring semesters).  The academic prerequisite for overloading involves the student making As and Bs in all classes the previous semester, along with minimal absences. In general, it is not recommended for students to accelerate the completion of this program since it already condenses 6 years of schooling into 5 years.  In most cases, our graduates are transferring in with junior-level status at the university/college, therefore early college students are ahead of their peers that are on traditional pacing. We encourage students to take 4 classes per semester (fall and spring semesters) to promote higher grades and less stress.  In addition, compacting will most likely prohibit the student from working a part-time job.  Students and parents will need to contact the school counselor (704-978-0034) for more information about these plans.


The bulk of scholarship money awarded to students comes directly from the college or university that the student plans to attend.  Please visit the college website to find out what scholarships they offer and how to apply.  Many of these deadlines are BEFORE the Admission Application deadline. 

Scholarship Bulletin



High School Graduation Students will use the graduation checklist to ensure they have meet the minimum requirements for high school graduation. Students must take the appropriate classes and have the correct number of credits for high school graduation. High School Graduation    check list